A different beer

CERVEZA TRINIDAD is a beer fully brewed in Alhaurín (MALAGA) and it is born with the idea of making a product where innovation and tradition fuse together to offer a quality beer. It follows a totally handcrafted production process, creating a 100% NATURAL Beer from high quality ingredients carefully picked.

The affection, dedication and care that TRINIDAD puts into its beer, makes it completely different from the rest of industrial beers, because in its production process only 4 ingredients are used: Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast with the intention to make liquid poetry.

TRINIDAD intends to wake up the senses of those people who are really looking for something alternative.

As it is a completely natural and no filtering process we do obtain a 2nd fermentation in the bottle which allows the natural carbonation of the beer as result of the yeast.

Beers have been brewed for centuries in houses and small breweries of towns all over the world, where each beer acquired the characteristic taste and personality of the area.

This is the reason why CERVEZA TRINIDAD intends to rescue old values to achieve forgotten beer styles.

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